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Friday, September 9, 2011

Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) - The IT Expressway of Chennai

Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) is the new buzzword for IT professionals in Chennai. Any IT company in Chennai has one (or even more) office on this Road.

This is a long road starting from Madhya Kailash, Adyar and ends (currently near Kelambakkam)

All along the stretch you have lots of offices, hotels, restaurants and shops
Marybrown OMR, Tea Talk OMR

Amaravathi Restaurant, Karapakkam OMR
Shogun Restaurant, Karapakkam OMR

Theatres on OMR, near KArapakkam

Though there is a AGS multiplex near Navalur, Arvind theatre in Karapakkam attracts some movie goers

Nala's appakadai, Karapakkam - a land mark

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